Angel Investing


We are active angel investors. Over time we grew a network of active co-investors and advisors who bring both funding and experience as well as their own network to the businesses we invest in.

As a group we usually invest anywhere between EUR 200,000 and EUR 1,000,000 per company and regularly make follow on investments. For a seed round, we like to take an entire placement and join the board or advisory board, although we also co-invest with other experienced leads.

For Series A, we can either lead the investment round or co-invest. As far as geography goes, we tend to be passive when we invest in North America.

If you are a business angel investor looking to co-invest, please tell us more about yourself

Ian Sosso

Founder and Managing Partner

We are in theory sector agnostic. However, we have generally a preference for IT, software, Saas, internet, tech-enabled services , financial and business services, e-commerce, mobile, healthcare and medical devices.

Investment Criteria

First, we invest in a great team, with strong enthusiasm and vision. Repeat entrepreneurs are preferred.

There is an identifiable, proven demand for the product or service.

The project is not highly capital intensive. Ideally there should not be more than 1 extra round of financing anticipated.

Clear plan to break-even in the near term.

The proposed product or service is readily marketable and highly scalable in the near term.

The product or service has unique features and benefits that provide competitive advantage versus similar products and services.

The main risks need to be clearly identifiable and addressed by management.

Clear exit strategy within 3 to 5 years.

How we help companies succeed

We are invested on 3 continents and have exited numerous businesses. Our co-investors and advisors are all successful entrepreneurs and investors with vast experience across various sectors.

This eco-system allows us to assist our portfolio companies in various ways, from financing to business development, manufacturing and finding clients.

In Asia, we help our portfolio companies accelerate growth by providing access do distribution, manufacturing and product/service sourcing.

For more info on our Asia accelerator, click here

Investment process

We prefer to receive proposals from a mutual connection who can make a strong recommendation. We will however look at all businesses.

To be considered, please fill in the form

Due Diligence

Once the initial stage passed, we will do a full due diligence on your business. You are most welcome to do the same on us and speak to our portfolio companies.


If we are the lead investors, we will discuss terms with you. We can move fast once the terms have been agreed and the docs finalized.

Notes vs Equity

We prefer to invest in preferred equity. We will occasionally invest in common stock or convertible notes as long as there is a cap.


We usually do not sign NDAs. We occasionally do so for very specific proprietary elements and prefer to do so when we close the investment.

Working with us

Once we are invested, we strive to maximize the chances of success of our portfolio company by bringing in advice, support, and leveraging our network wherever needed.