Asian Accelerator


Ian Sosso – founder and managing partner – and Gary Beadell – partner for Asia, have both gained extensive experience in Asia for over 20 years, having managed many businesses as well as operating and investing in most Asian countries.

Through our discussions with numerous early stage businesses, we realized that Asia was seldom on their radar: too far, too complicated and not enough resources to consider. And yet, Asia is the largest and fastest growing part of the world, where most of the tech and consumer products we use are licensed or manufactured .

We realized we had something unique to offer: with our investor hat on, help early stage businesses and SMEs access everything Asia has to offer in distribution, manufacturing and product sourcing.

What we offer

For our portfolio companies:
We can set up and run everything in Asia: From office set up to distribution, manufacturing and product sourcing.
We will typically set up a JV* for Asia, which we can help fund, staff, and provide daily operational support for.
Our partners and advisors have vast experience setting up, running, and exiting businesses in various sectors in Asia

For non portfolio companies:
For non-portfolio companies, we will consider to JV* to build distribution for products or service in Asia, (in which case we are also happy to assist with manufacturing and sourcing).

What we are looking for

We are generally interested to partner with businesses which have a product or service which can easily be scaled up in Asia by building a regional sales platform, without needing much adaptation or infrastructure investment.

Typically, those businesses are in IT, software, Saas, internet, tech-enabled services , business services, e-commerce, mobile, or medical devices.

We also want to see traction in at least 1 country before considering partnering to sell in Asia.


What we do

Our involvement typically covers the following areas:


We have long standing relationships with various service providers in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries in Asia. We will structure the local entity, find an office, hire staff, etc


Monte Carlo Capital will provide part or all the capital to operate the business in Asia, until it is self sufficient, whilst the business will provide technical knowledge, training, on-going support and access to the IP (if required) in order to customise the system/processes for the countries we will be selling into. For instance: language translation/website designs.


We will recruit, in agreement with the business, experienced sales/marketing staff in each location and, depending on the country, partner with service providers who will be part of the sales process.


We will employ accountants and administrators, which can be in-house staff or our-sourced. We will manage those relationships.


Through Monte Carlo Capital partners and advisors in Asia, we are well positioned to assist with most businesses that are put forward to us. Our vast network of business leaders in Asia enables us to reach and provide valuable advice, contacts, sales channels and formal partnerships.


One of our advisors has over 20 years experience helping global tech firms design and manufacture products in Asia. We accelerate our portfolio companies in that respect and do not offer this service as a stand alone. Each proposal is reviewed on a case by case basis and we will look to find a fair arrangement which reflects the needs of the business.

Working with us

Once we are invested, we see our job as maximising the chances of success of our portfolio company by bringing in advice, support, and leveraging our network wherever needed.