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Deal Sourcing

Deal sourcing is critical to our process.

We receive over 1000 business plans each year, mainly proprietary, coming from a reputation built over years as added-value investors. Most business plans have gone through a first filter, typically someone in MCC’s eco-system.

Brand Building

“Ian is a regular speaker at venture capital and start up conferences around the world. Ian was most recently a keynote at conferences in NY, Dubai, Moscow, HK, Moscow, Brussels, Geneva and Monaco, with talks entitled “deep tech venture building: industrialising and de-risking the building of university spin-offs” and “the valley of death funding gap: an opportunity for super angels to fund the best startups”

Ian is on the board of the European Business Angels Network (EBAN), the pan-European trade association for business angels and early stage investors, regrouping close to 30,000 business angels in 59 countries. Monte Carlo Capital won the award of the best performing new member when the group joined EBAN. In 2019 Ian won EBAN’s most prestigious award of Best European Early Stage Investor. Ian is also a board member of the Monaco Venture Capital Association (MVCA)”

Deal Selection

A first filter is applied to the business plans received:

  • We like businesses backed by strong intellectual property, solving big problems (eg Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Big Data, Internet of Things, Medical Devices, Biotech, etc).

  • We also invest in businesses looking to disrupt an industry (eg FinTech, E-Commerce, etc).

  • We prefer to invest once proof of concept has been made.

  • We target a minimum upside of 20X on our investments when we first invest. Potential exit in the 100s of Millions.

  • We want to see a clear path to exit within 5 years.

  • We prefer to make our first investment at seed/late seed with investment of EUR/USD 500K-1.5Mio.

  • We like to lead a financing (but occasionally co-invest) and often lead follow-ons too.

  • We want to see a clear business plan and detailed financial model.

Working With Our Portfolio Companies

When we are lead investors, we usually appoint someone on the board or advisory board of the company.

We work very closely with all our portfolio companies: helping define the corporate, client, marketing, and financial strategy, introducing clients, bringing in advisors, helping with manufacturing, etc.

Our co-investors and advisors are based in various parts of the world and also open doors for our portfolio companies.

Deep Dive Due Diligence

Due diligence is, alongside deal sourcing, the most important driver of return. Various advisors are called on during the process.

We spend a lot of time speaking with the founders and key members, going through the strategy and financial plans, looking at competition,

licensing agreements (for university spin-offs), corporate structure, etc.

Working With Us

Once we are invested, we strive to maximize the chances of success of our portfolio company by bringing in advice, support, and leveraging our network wherever needed.