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Our Edge

MCC has a unique position amongst early stage investors.

Bridging the “Valley of Death” in the financing cycle:

  • EBAN estimates the average business angel invests EUR 25K per company, and a business angel network invests on average EUR 180K per company.
  • Most angel groups are local, missing the scope to support businesses scale across geographies.
  • At the same time, venture funds with the ability to help scale a business globally will usually not invest less than a few millions.
  • Companies looking to raise EUR/USD 500K-1.5M with a big idea, are too big for Angel Investors, and too small for global VCs. Yet, those businesses typically have a proof of concept, and struggle to find financing.

>> This is our sweet spot.

Monte Carlo Capital combines the best of Angel Investing and Venture Capital:

  • Like angels, we are a group of private investors, with an alignment of interest with both founders and our co-investors.

  • We can deploy an amount of capital usually only available to early stage venture funds. We often lead follow-on financings and have invested up to USD 5 Mio in single businesses.

  • We are global. We have invested in 3 continents and our advisors are also based on 3 continents.

  • One point of contact only for the entrepreneur.

  • We have a clearly defined investment strategy.

  • We can assist our businesses globally.

We help our businesses:

  • We help define corporate strategy, financial model, data room, marketing pitch to clients, etc

  • We introduce clients

  • We can bring in advisors/directors into the businesses

Working With Us

Once we are invested, we see our job as maximising the chances of success of our portfolio companies by bringing in advice, support, and leveraging our network wherever needed.