Ian’s talk: Combining the best of Angel Investing and Venture Capital

Ian Sosso speaking at the World Business Angels Forum – Istanbul 19th February 2019

According to the latest EBAN figures, the average investment for an angel investor in a single business in 2017 was EUR 25,000, and EUR 182,000 for an angel network.
At the same time, venture capital investment starts with significantly larger numbers.
Businesses looking to raise $500K to $2M often struggle. It’s the valley of death.

Ian explains how, by leading investment rounds from $500K to $2M, and increasingly leading follow-ons, whilst bringing a global ecosystem of advisors and relationships usually only available at large VCs, an angel investor can combine the best of what angel investors and venture capital can offer.

Ian’s article: Facilitating Tech Transfer from Universities to build Tech Businesses Article in Forbes Monaco edition
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