We will build your business in North and South America


As European companies show traction in their domestic market, they look to scale overseas.

Countries sharing a border or a language are often the first port of call.

Germany, France and the UK are often the main targets for European companies.

The US remains the most attractive market for European companies looking to scale up

4 reasons why:

  • Big international market
  • Homogeneous market
  • Quick and big scale up opportunity
  • Possibility to significantly increase valuation

However, the US is difficult to access for the most early stage businesses. The marginal cost and effort is significant and the risks high

  • Go too early leads to a significant financial and time effort, a distraction from the core market and can lead to failure
  • Go too late and competition might have taken the US market
  • The Covid crisis has rendered scaling up in the US, with the traveling it entails, even more challenging
  • Most European companies won't take the step and won't have a US presence by the time they exit, missing out on growth, valuation, etc


currently available to European Startups:

Option 1:

Go it Alone and Hire a team



Takes time



Option 2:

Work With Consultants



No Experience Building Business


Interests Not Aligned

Option 3:

Incubators and Accelerators

Not Business Builders


Interests Not Aligned

Solution: Venture scaling USA

  • We are business builders
  • We will build your US business
  • We will do this via a Joint Venture (JV) dedicated to the US market
  • We can include all of North America and most of Latin America (where we also have a strong foothold)
  • Our main focus is to build distribution
  • We can finance the US business
  • We hire the team
  • We will establish your office in our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, walking distance from the Ohio State University, (1/3 of set cost compared to East and West Coasts), in NY or in Miami

MCC and IKOVE have joined forces to provide a turnkey solution

Why us:

  • 16 businesses launched in the past 4 years
  • All 16 businesses are growing
  • 8 businesses in the pipeline
  • Team of business builders

Our solution

We build your US business

Interests are aligned

we want to build valuable equity

We finance the business

The process

  • The start up sends an overview of the business and technology
  • We will then arrange an introduction call
  • If both parties wish to pursue, we will draft a MoU
  • We will then assign a project manager who will coordinate a due diligence on the technology and the business, and prepare a preliminary plan for the US market
  • Once the plan is agreed on, we set up a Joint Venture in Delaware, and start implementation

What we are looking for

  • Business showing commercial traction in at least 1 European country
  • Unique know-how/expertise and competitive edge against all existing solutions
  • Can reach at least $20m in revenues in the US market within 5 years


Partnering with Monte Carlo Capital
  • US based venture builders, with a track record of launching 16+ businesses
  • Strong team including scientists, full time lawyer, entrepreneurs in residence
  • Focus on deep tech and highly disruptive businesses
  • Medical devices, IoT, SAAS, Robotics, Fintech and more
  • Presence in the US and Latin America