Our Vision

We invest in Europe, the UK and the US in exceptional founders with big ideas, and look to maximise their chances of success by providing capital over multiple stages, starting at seed, and bringing in an ecosystem of people who can support the founders all the way to exit.

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πŸ† Winner: Best European Angel Investor Award *

We are a group of HNWI and Family Offices

We lead and co-invest

Added value investors

Led up to 4 rounds with $5 Mio over multiple rounds

First Ticket size: $250K to $1M

We Invest as a Fund and as a Syndicate

We invest in the US, Europe, the UK

Focus on Saas, Fintech, Healthcare, Platforms, Deeptech

Established in 2009

We are a group of HNWI and Family Offices

We lead and co-invest

Founder won Best European Angel Award

Our Super Angel Background


Ian Sosso

  • Board member of EBAN **
  • Board member of Monaco VC & PE Association
  • Former adjunct professor at the University of Monaco
  • Regular keynote speaker at talks around Europe


Investment Banking Background

Before founding Monte Carlo Capital Ian was the regional managing director and head of capital markets in Asia for Commerzbank.

About Monte Carlo Capital


HNWI and Family Offices

We are a group of private investors based in multiple jurisdictions.


Big Ideas

We invest in big ideas solving big problems or solving inefficiencies.
We focus on Saas, Fintech, Healthcare, Platforms, Deeptech.


$200K-$1 Mio at Seed

We start investing at seed. We can lead or co-Invest.


Multi Stage

We have led up to 4 financings, and invested up to $5 Mio over multiple rounds.



We invest in the US, Europe and the UK.


Disciplined Investment Process

We have built a disciplined investment process from deal souring to due diligence, deal structuring and how we support our companies.

Investor & Startup Testimonials

*EBAN Best European Angel Investor 2019
**EBAN (the European Business Angels Network), based in Brussels, isΒ the pan-European trade association for business angels and early stage investors representing 100+ early stage investment organizations with 10,000+ angels in Europe