LeaseTeq is aiming to become the leading provider of technology for the auto leasing industry.

LeaseTeq is a Swiss-based technology company that aims to become the leading provider of technology to an old, inefficient and massive industry: auto leasing.

The ex-Porsche founders have built a digital platform that enables all key stakeholders (end customers, clients such as car manufacturers or dealerships, banks) to have a significantly more efficient and enjoyable experience than what they can currently find.

End users can get approval in a matter of minutes, dealers and OEMs provide a better experience to their customers and themselves, and banks are offered a platform allowing them to significantly improve the efficiency of their own leasing business, deal flow, and reduced servicing costs, thereby increasing the profitability of the business. Everyone wins.
The business started by operating a full fledged leasing business in Switzerland, demonstrating its significant value added, and has build a SaaS model, sold to the various stakeholders in the leasing industry including banks, classic leasing providers, dearlerships and OEM leasing providers.


FinTech, SaaS