Charles Sidman

Strategic Advisor
Focus: Angel Investor, Tech, Life Sciences

Charles is the founder of ECS Capital Partners a fund that invests in early-stage Angel start-ups, later Venture-stage and even public growth companies, focusing primarily on investor return while also taking into account beneficial impact. Monte Carlo Capital will be able to invest in portfolio companies coming from ECS Capital.

Charles holds an A.B. in Biochemical Sciences, A.M. in Biochemistry and Ph.D. in Immunology, all from Harvard. Charles also has an MBA from the University of Cincinnati. His first professional effort was in computer science, in which he pioneered what became known decades later as Artificial Intelligence.In biomedicine, he worked with recognized colleagues in genetics and immunology to help enable current exciting applications in these fields.

He was a Research Fellow in Pathology at Harvard Medical School, Member of the Basel Institute for Immunology in Basel, Staff Scientist at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, and Professor of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology at the College of Medicine, as well as Professor of Management at the College of Business, both at the University of Cincinnati.

Charles has invested in 36 start-up or growth companies (including 14 exits) through over 100 rounds. He has been Chairman of 4 start-ups and board member of 5 more. He is Founding Chairman of Maine Angels, founding member of the Angel Capital Association, board member of the World Business Angel Forum, former Chair of the Strategy and Education Committees of the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds, founding Member and President of the Crowdfunding Professional Association, and recipient of special recognition from the European Business Angel Network.

Charles has lectured or consulted at many of the world’s leading universities, research centres and companies. He has authored more than 100 publications, on topics from immunology to patent reform, crowdfunding, government role in tech transfer and angel investing. Multiple books are underway.

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